APC Window Cleaning.

Located in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire- APC operate a pure-water window cleaning system for all domestic and commercial properties.

Parsons Heating Ltd.

A Family run business which collaborates efficiently with like-minded industry professionals to provide the very best outcome every time.

S&P Engineering Ltd.

From Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical Engineering to Filter Manufacturing, S&P Engineering are one of the Industry Leading Companies.

Halbrooke Entertainment.

Halbrooke Entertainment host a variety of events within the entertainment sector. From Guest Speakers to Ladies Nights they take on a vast array of shows.

Tiny Toes.

Tiny Toes are a startup business with the aim of providing newborn babies and toddlers with engaging sensory toys to boost their development.

Grants Executive Travel.

An executive travel company offering the finest quality vehicles to both exclusive and general guests at an affordable cost.

JB Paints.

Based in The Midlands, JB Paints provide a professional Spray painting service for all vehicles and parts.

TN Insulations Ltd.

Recently founded by current Director, Terry Needham, TN Insulations carry out all work to high standards and pride themselves on their Honesty and Reliability.


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